Victorian and Edwardian Tile Restoration

Victorian and Edwardian geometric and encaustic tiled floors will often be in need of repair. This ranges from the re-fixing or replacement of a few loose or cracked tiles in some floors, to the excavation and reinstallation of large areas of the base in others. In some cases, depending on the floor’s condition, we may need to lift the whole floor, reinstalling the base and tiles in it’s entirety.

It is quite common to find encaustic tiles in the floor’s design. These usually consist of two different coloured clays to create a pattern. These tiles can be matched as they are still made using the traditional method.

When matching the plain coloured tiles in the floor we take the time to find the closest match, which includes using tiles with a square edge, which, along with minimal grout lines, is an important detail in recreating the original flat surface.

When the areas of damage have been consolidated and retiled, we clean and apply a sealant, bringing the floor back to life.

Victorian Floor Tiles - Dempster Mosaic

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